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Donation Guideline:  2013-2014 Sponsorship Funding Levels & Projects

Below are are specific 2013-2014 Fund A Need | Community Development Projects, projects to help guide your donation The most urgent needs are the projects are marked in red and with an asterisk (*). 

However, we welcome donations at any level.   
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Malaria* - Protect 500 people from malaria including mosquito nets, blood testing and treatment
Healthcare* - Cover operating costs for a small, fully staffed clinic for one year including nurse salaries, medicine, and other operating expenses
Clean Water - Deep bore water well & filling stations providing clean water to 500 people


Clean Water*  -  Furnish an existing well with a larger submersible water pump and a larger generator to transform the lives of more than 1,000 people
Malaria Protection - Malaria nets and treatments for a village of 250 people
Healthcare - Life changing operation for three people
Clean Water - Hand dug water well, pipes and filling stations for two villages


Healthcare - Annual salary and living cost for a nurse
Healthcare - Three year scholarship for one nursing student (tuition, room and board)
Healthcare - Life changing surgery for one child

• Nutrition* - Nourish 10 children back to health … and in many cases it saves their lives
• Malaria - Anti-malarial medicine for 200 people
• Education - Tables and chairs for 40 primary school students
Healthcare - Radio communications for eight field healthcare workers

Healthcare* - Medicine for 100 people for one year
Education* - Annual school supplies for 100 students


• Nutrition - Vitamins for 1,000 school children (50% are malnourished)
• Healthcare - A month of medical supplies for a small village clinic

Malaria * - Protect 10 families with treated mosquito nets


• Malaria -Malaria nets for 10 people (save a life for the cost of a restaurant dinner)

Education - Provide food and vitamins to save a critically malnourished child’s life

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