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Fund A Need

Following our Live Auction, our Fund-A-Need portion of the evening enables event guests to contribute a specific dollar amount directly toward 2013-2014 aid programs in Sumba.  

If you cannot attend our New York event, but would like to contribute to these projects,
please donate here. To buy dinner event tickets AND make a cash donation, visit our ticketing page.

Since The Sumba Foundation’s inception in 2001, we have witnessed positive changes everywhere in the many Sumbanese communities where we have provided assistance. Fewer children are dying from preventable diseases; the death rate for women giving birth has plummeted; malaria infections have been reduced significantly; there have been vast improvements in education, and recently, several small scale economies have been launched.  For us, these are all signs of success.


Our overall mission is to provide the Sumbanese with what anyone would need to for a foundation for a better life: access to safe water, better health services,  and improved education. With those life basics, they can take their own next steps to building a better future.


What we are doing in Sumba is working, and we are proving that every day. But we cannot do it alone. We need your help to maintain and nurture what we have achieved so far, and to be able to reach out to help more people where we can.


Listed below in bold are the critical projects that we need funded to help the Sumbanese people this year and next. Thank you again for considering donating, and helping us ease the burdens of extreme poverty on the island of Sumba.


2013-2014 Sponsorship Funding Levels & Projects

Our philosophy is to maximize our donors' return on investment by directing as much as possible into high impact aid projects.  Over the last 10 years, 85% of all donations have gone directly to projects benefiting the impoverished people of Sumba.
$10,000 - Gift a Region with Healthcare

Sponsor one year of operating costs for a small, fully staffed clinic that provides
quality healthcare for a community of 5,000 people 
We currently have 5 clinics staffed by 13 nurses and one medical doctor. Your gift helps pay for nurses’ salaries, medicine, and other operating expenses.  Our staff work tirelessly to improve the health of their communities. On Sumba our clinics are considered the best on the island.

$10,000 - Protect a Region from Malaria

Protect a region of 500 people from malaria including mosquito nets, blood testing and treatment. 
Malaria is a debilitating disease that kills many of the young and older people in the villages.  Controlling this disease is crucial to our goal of improving the health and well-being of the Sumbanese. Each year malaria kills more people worldwide than HIV/AIDS (about 3 million people), with the majority of deaths occurring in children under five years of age. Unlike AIDS, malaria can be prevented and cured.

Sumba has one of the highest occurrences of malaria in Asia. An estimated 20% of all Sumbanese children die or become severely brain damaged by malaria before the age of 10.  Based on our clinical surveys of targeted villages, 62% of the children below the age of 5 and 30% of the total population had malaria. That number has now been drastically reduced by 85% in the children living in the villages that are covered in our Malaria Control Program.


Your investment substantially reduces malaria in dozens of villages within areas that are many square miles in size.  It is a life saver for many.


Funding for the Malaria Project work includes:
              • Baseline testing to establish existing malaria infection rates and a population census for each village
              • Purchase & distribution of 600 insecticide-treated, specially-made mosquito nets that are imported from India. The nets are produced from synthetic fibers that are impregnated with Pyrethrum, a natural mosquito repellent
              • On-going testing and treatment for malaria case, includingdipstick blood testing and lab work, medical treatment with anti-malarial medicines
              • Paying salaries of health workers;  managing the on-going compliance monitoring and maintenance of the program; continually upgrading our clinics’ capabilities for malaria diagnosis;
              • Treatment and consistent monitoring of bed net usage and maintenance.
              • Donors will receive a map showing the communities they are helping to protect, updates with pictures as the work is progressing and an end of the project report.

$5,000 – Give Water, the Essence of Life

Furnish an existing well with a larger submersible water pump and a larger generator, and transform the lives of more than 1,000 people


In the Hobawawi and Rua areas of West Sumba, not far from Nihiwatu, there are 23 villages that have been transformed by the clean water wells we’ve built over the past 10 years.  There are farms everywhere where none existed.  All the schools and clinics now have toilets and running water.  Village women and children no longer endure the burden of carrying water one bucket at a time for miles each day, every day. Overall, it is a much healthier community that is able to take care of themselves and a new, emerging economy.


This new prosperity is naturally bringing changes with it.  People are moving into, instead of away, from this area. The old villages are now larger.  More farming communities are being established outside them. All of the primary schools have doubled in size, and three new middle schools plus a large medical facility have been built in this area. The water systems we installed ten years ago cannot meet this new demand. We need is to double the amount of water we are now pumping.  The infrastructure is in place for an upgrade; we simply need to install larger submersible water pumps ($2,500 each) and the larger generators ($2,500 each) to power them. 


$2,500 – Provide Annual Salary & Living Cost for A Nurse
A Sumbanese Nurse provides critical care to thousands of patients each year

Many people die of common and preventable disease in Sumba each year. Our primary care nurses provide critical care to those in need in the villages nearby. Sponsor the annual salary and living cost for a local nurse to continue treating those in need.


$1,000 – Protect 50 Families from Malaria

Provide treated mosquito nets to help 50 families sleep safely & securely
Supplying treated mosquito nets is an easy way to help many Sumbanese. Our cost to purchase, import and distribute one net in Sumba is $10. It’s not a lot of money for us, but for the people in Sumba it is -- they cannot afford to buy them.


$1,000 – Combat Malnutrition in Children

Every $1,000 brings 10 children back to health … and in many cases it saves their lives.


In Sumba, a staggering percentage of children and adults are undernourished or malnourished. The island has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the poorest in Indonesia with a history of abject poverty, crop failure and famine. More than half of the Sumbanese children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition and anemia due to poor diets, thus making them more susceptible to malaria, tuberculosis and a wide variety of severe gastro-intestinal illnesses. The impact of anemia on children is debilitating. A mild case can impair intellectual development and can lower a child's IQ by between 10 and 15 points.

For a very small amount of money we can save an infant or young child. We provide a high protein diet of eggs, powdered milk, beans and fish for the parents to feed to their children, and our staff continually monitors the recovery progress of every child. Usually within a month there are signs of recovery, but it will take four to six months on the program for a child to fully recover.

We have two staff permanently working on this project and the support of many farmers who give us 10% of their crop to support this important initiative. Our cost to bring a child though our program averages $100.


$500  - Boost Education Programs with School Supplies


• Sponsor a group of 100 students with school supplies for one year

With generous donor support, The Sumba Foundation has been able to make vast improvements at 15 primary schools. Some have been renovated; others have been completely rebuilt from the ground up. These schools are now prospering and providing 4,025 children with a safer and a much improved learning environment.

Enrollments are up; children are staying in school longer, and since we started, there has been a 500% increase in the number of 6th grade graduates.  We also reward the best students with the opportunity to further their education by providing scholarships.

Now that the schools we support are functioning well, we are currently focused on seeding basic health, hygiene and dietary information to the students. The majority of these children typically return to their villages between third and sixth grade, and within a few years, they will marry and have children of their own. The more knowledge they have, the better prepared they will be to help their families stay healthy, be more productive and live a better life.

Each term, we distribute complete sets of writing and coloring books, pencils, pens, crayons, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpeners and compasses to all of 4,025 children in the schools we support. Without our help, most of the children would not have them because the parents just cannot afford it. 

$200 - Protect 10 Families from Malaria

Supply and protect 10 families with treated mosquito nets, blood testing and treatment   
The cost to purchase, import and distribute one net in Sumba is $10. It’s not a lot of money for us, but for the people in Sumba it is -- people living in poverty cannot afford to buy them.

$125 - $175 – Give School Supplies for 5 Students By Buying a Sumba Pendant

*Special Benefit Night Offer* - Give the gift of educational supplies with purchase of a Sumba Foundation Pendant

Please consider supporting our schools at our 10/19 Benefit by purchasing one of our Sumba Foundation pendants. Pick them up during our event evening at the Sumba Foundation Sales Table.  Each silver pendant you purchase covers the cost of a complete set of school supplies for five students for one full year. The pendants were designed especially for The Foundation by the acclaimed Paris-based master jeweler, Lorenz Bäumer.  Wear them as a bracelet or a necklace with a cord ($125) or silver chain ($175) of your choice.

$100 - Provide Food & Vitamins for a Malnourished Child  

 Bring a child back to health...and potentially save their life  
Save the life of a critically malnourished child by sponsoring food and vitamin treatment to restore their health.